Mineral Eco-Tours at the Greenmantle Farm Mineral Occurrence

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Greenmantle Farm is located just off the Essonville Line in Wilberforce, Ontario. Owned by Mark and Sandra Bramham, the property is home to a notable occurrence of the rare mineral fluororichterite as well as other minerals including apatite, hornblende, tremolite, actinolite, orthoclase (pictured above) and quartz. The Greenmantle Farm Mineral Occurrence has never been disturbed by modern man, and there is even evidence to suggest that the site was never touched by native North Americans. This combination of rarity and the undisturbed state of the mineral occurrence provides a great opportunity for those wishing to view the site.

The Bramham's offer guided eco-tours of their mineral occurrence (sorry, cameras only) and mineral samples are now available for purchase.

For more information, please call us at 1.705.448.3948, e-mail us at info@mineraltours.net or visit our Facebook Page.

Greenmantle Farm is located at 1984, County Road 4 (Essonville Line). 4.8km east from HWY 118E (121) and 3km west from Loop Road (648) in Wilberforce.

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